Wild Rumpus

With more than fifty years combined experience playing for dancers, Deborah Clark Colón (fiddle, vocals), Bobby Douglas (drums, percussion, vocals), and Karl Clark Colón (guitar, vocals, shouting) know what you want in a dance. Something with the timeless beauty of tradition, with the pulse-pounding rhythms that remind you that you are alive now.

Visit the Wild Rumpus website now to get a sample of the incredible music they will be playing for us and to learn more about the band!


About Carol Ormand


Carol Ormand is beloved throughout the dance community for her smooth and unflappable style, wickedly fun dances, and penchant for keeping all the dancers on the floor smiling. Her delightful dance selections and concise, relaxed teaching style will keep you coming back for more. Carol has been calling contras and squares since 1990, and calls at weekends and festivals across the U.S. and abroad. 
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